-: Bank Executives :-
Sr No. Name Of Executives Department Designation Mail ID


Mr. Dixit Sadanand Overall Control Chief Executive Officer dixitsv@ppcbank.in
2 Mr. Jagtap Sanjay Entire Guidance,Control on other than Operational Banking Gen. Manager jagtapsd@ppcbank.in


Mr.Shelke Vijaykumar Entire Control Over Operational Banking Gen. Manager shelkevc@ppcbank.in
4 Mr. Bhondve Sanjay HOD - Loan Asst.Gen.Manager



Mr. Samudra Umesh HOD - Administration Asst.Gen.Manager samudraus@ppcbank.in
6 Mr. Rajput Ajay HOD - Recovery Asst.Gen.Manager samudraus@ppcbank.in
7 Mr. Pawar Kailas HOD - IT Asst.Gen.Manager pawarka@ppcbank.in
8 Mr.Thorat Mohan Overall Development and Marketing Asst.Gen.Manager thoratms@ppcbank.in
9 Mr. DeodharVijay HOD -Monitoring, MIS, Statistical Analysis Officer on Special Duty deodharvs@ppcbank.in
10 Mr. Rana Sagar HOD - Audit Incharge Branch Manager ranasp@ppcbank.in
11 Mrs. Suryawanshi Suchita HOD - Accounts Dy. Branch Manager suryawanshisu@ppcbank.in

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